The wide-ranging objective of GNHA is to hold up development and humanitarian activities in Nepal through Nepalese partner NGOs different line agencies and government support for the benefits of marginalized community of Nepal by providing free health care and medicines though hospitals, residential facilities and education to poor marginalized dalit girl children and other girl children who are in high risk of landing in the street. It provides better education facilities and basic infrastructure development of public schools in various districts. GNHA promotes tolerance and understanding between people of Nepal and Germany in the cultural and scientific areas. The projects aimed and targeted directly to the basic needs of general public draws the attention of GNHA. The objectives of GNHA statues are fulfilled financially by the collection of donation from its Nepal loving German members and donors and majority of donors comprise middle income class German People. The constitution of GNHA does not allow its members and executives to receive any financial support like remuneration, allowance and travelling expense etc to visit project and project related work. With aim of bringing 95% raised money to the beneficiary in Nepal, GNHA Stuttgart Headquarter office is running with zero administration expenses and GNHA Kathmandu expenses is restricted to 6%-9% of yearly grant. GNHA has maintained this unique principle with less number of staffs, no expertise and no vehicle since its inception.

Some Specific objectives of GNHA

  • GNHA contributes for drinking water project in the villages in active participation of local people and cooperation of local line agencies.
  • GNHA provides health care services to the marginalized people through hospital service, medicines and financials support. Extending support in equipment’s to government hospitals has been a major fact of GNHA.
  • Education, residential facilities, socialization, catch-up classes for marginalized, dalit and street girl children through partner NGOs. Rehabilitation and recreation services to the mentally ill people through daycare centers and house visit by partner organization.
  • Number of public schools from various districts receive GNHA contribution for building construction drinking water and sanitary as well as contribution for school running cost for recruiting local volunteer teachers, stationeries, educational materials and capacity building of government and local teachers through enrolling in teacher training and workshops to create child friendly learning environment in the classrooms. As MGML methodology is found of the best medium of child friendly learning with 100percen learning opportunity, GNHA is cooperating with government agencies to scale up MGML schools in GNHA working areas.

Intended outcome of the project

Direct Outcome

  • GNHA strategy focused on people centered development thus large number of NGOs, Public Schools, community and government Hospitals have received the financial support, sophisticated medical equipment’s from GNHA as one time help or time bound support.
  • GNHA has full-fledged into the biggest private German Nepal bilateral social organization in terms of members, budget and patrons.
  • Long term capacity building of teachers through different foundation scheme plays crucial role in uplifting nation’s education system.

Indirect Outcomes

  • The notion of GNHA ”You built your temple, we help you to pinnacle” it has brought a change in the mindset of local community and maximum people’s participation enlarge in each and every individual project.
  • As a result thousands of beneficiaries get benefit from multiple sets of activities.
  • Employment creation: in number of project activities.
  • Empowerment of marginalized community including girls and women.

Intended Beneficiary of the project

GNHA strategy focused on people centered development thus beneficiaries are mostly from marginalized community, dalit and street girl, mentally ill people etc.

Donor Information

GNHA is non-profit organization, politically neutral, non-aligned and free from race, creed and religion. GNHA has 600members and approximately 1200donors’ spread in the entire Federal Republic of Germany. Since 1979 GNHA is providing financial and commodity support to governmental and non-
governmental organizations in Nepal.

Project Composition

The project beneficiaries are mainly selected from ten districts including the urban districts of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Kaski and other selected districts are Kavrepalanchok, Solukhumbu, Dhading, Siraha, Dolakha and Sindupalchowk. The GNHA strategy focused people centered development
so the strategy is not for long tern partnership with NGOs. As a result, capacity building of NGOs, CBO does not fall under the preview of GNHA. Likewise, human resource development is also out of abit of GNHA. The calendar of Operation is also not applicable for the reason that the support is based on demand drive.