German Nepalese Help Association (GNHA) is a non-profitable social and charitable organization working as an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) in Nepal. It believes and stands on politically neutral, non aligned and free from race, creed or religion. It registered in lower court of Stuttgart, Germany on 6th December 1979. GNHA had its first general agreement with then SSNCC(Social Service National Coordination Council) in 1989 and continued its activities in Nepal having renewed general and project agreements with Social Welfare Council (SWC) in every five years. It has about 600 general members and 1200 small and medium donors across Federal Republic of Germany. GNHA financial resource entirely depends on membership fees and collection of private donation. Over 85 per cent of collected resources are spending in the areas of educational development, health services, human well-being and environmental awareness & infrastructure development of Nepal through partner NGOs and Government Organizations.


The general objective of GNHA is to support development and human well-being activities in Nepal through Nepalese NGOs and Government agencies. GNHA promotes people to people helping approach and building solidarity among people of developed and underdeveloped countries. GNHA’s program aims and targets directly to uplift disadvantaged and marginalized group.